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Top 10 Data Analytics Solution Companies - 2019

Organizations are increasing their focus on data analytics and embracing data driven decisions that are being implemented in their businesses to stay ahead in the big game. The growing availability of data coupled with computing has created unprecedented opportunities for enterprises both large and small, as well as new entrants to capture insights and implement data-driven strategies to innovate, compete and capture value.

Companies are also analyzing data to enhance their product lines and create innovative products by gaining an understanding on the customer requirements. Advanced solutions portfolio engaging artificial intelligence and automation are steering toward customer-centricity and helping organizations in their decision-making capabilities.

However, analytics does not confine to big data alone. As cognitive technologies integrated with data analytic solutions make their way into the markets, organizations are leveraging these solutions and building their analytics capabilities in order to address their key business challenges.

As the complexity of analysis varies among different sets of data, advanced algorithms and tools are required to help businesses in obtaining inferences from the data. The market is flooded with solutions and it has become necessary for CIOs to look for solution providers with the ability to bring agility and scalability along with the solutions that they provide. The latest edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook enlists the “Top 10 Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2019” in the industry to help CIOs, CEOs, VCs and industry analysts choose the right solution. The list highlights some of the most unparalleled solution providers in the industry who can help clients thrive in their businesses and steer them toward excellence.

  • Top Data Analytics Solution Companies

  • Provides industry-leading analytics solutions enabling clients to effectively use their data resulting in critical, business insight-driven action

  • FactSet provides a seamless user experience through financial data and analytics to analysts, investment bankers, and portfolio managers

  • Opera Solutions provides practical and scalable AI solutions that improve business processes through descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics

  • RiskSpan helps the finance industry to explore and unlock great business potential with data analytics

  • The open source integration vendor assists digital-driven organizations to become integration agile

  • cBEYONData


    A purpose-built professional services company helping organizations to improve their return on investment via effective utilization of business intelligence, data analytics, and business automation solutions

  • Dash Financial Technologies

    Dash Financial Technologies

    Designs and delivers intelligent, high-performance solutions to the institutional trading community in four product categories: Trading Technologies, Execution Services, Analytics, and Regulatory Technologies

  • FinancialCAD


    Provides enterprise portfolio and risk analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income to enable global financial enterprises with better investment and risk management decisions

  • Fractal


    A strategic analytics partner for many Fortune 500 companies globally to power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics & AI to the decision-making process

  • ITG


    Helps brokers and asset managers improve their returns for investments around the world and empowers their traders to reduce the end-to-end cost of implementing investments