Opera Solutions: Practical AI for Maximum Financial Gains

Opera Solutions: Practical AI for Maximum Financial Gains

Edward Scott, CEO, Opera SolutionsEdward Scott, CEO
With technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, companies are quick to adopt these innovations. However, they often struggle to monetize their AI and machine learning initiatives due to limited understanding of these technologies. Companies find it daunting to identify the right AI solution and utilize them for maximum business outcomes. Further, many AI solutions initially designed as concepts often fail to operate at the enterprise scale. These solutions pave the way for more challenges in case of low quality or unstructured data. Adding fuel to the fire, recent trends suggest that companies are facing tremendous difficulties to harness and retain competent data scientists. This makes the entire analytics process—time consuming and erroneous.

Opera Solutions is transforming business analytics through its practical and scalable AI solutions. The company’s solutions refine unstructured data from various sources before integrating them into the data repository. The enriched data is then analyzed and presented in ways that can be easily visualized and interpreted. Opera Solutions’ custom AI models are built with open source tools to address specific client needs. These models provide prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analytics. The generated insights are leveraged by the solutions internally to further optimize the AI and machine learning models for improved accuracy. The clients can use Opera Solutions’ analytics in the areas of marketing, customer value management, fraud, waste and abuse, procurement, compliance, and risk management.

Traditionally, managers sift through various sources to accumulate data. Combining data from various sources (internal and external sources) and making real-time investment decisions through insights is a herculean task.

Portfolio AI enables rapid interpretations through data visualization and provides consolidated reports from different sources

Opera Solutions’ Portfolio AI eases this burden by integrating data from multiple sources automatically and then providing metrics to assess portfolios and their risks. The metrics allow fund managers to make informed decisions quickly. Portfolio AI enables rapid interpretations through data visualization and provides consolidated reports from different sources. Clients gain quick results through enhanced reporting. The solution can also integrate with other third-party data sources, bringing more flexibility to the client’s analytics outcomes.

Opera Solutions also provides spend analytics to address various challenges. Spend data is often unstructured and scattered across multiple data sources. This data can also be wrongly classified or misinterpreted, making spend data analysis a failed exercise for both small and large organizations. Spend AI is a solution offered by Opera Solutions that can be easily managed by procurement analysts. This solution brings uniformity to supplier data integration that in turn brings greater visibility.

With such rich portfolio of solutions, Opera Solutions is catering to companies across industries, including banking, financial services, insurance, government, travel, retail, and healthcare. Over the years, the company’s clients have gained improved results in fraud detection as well as risk and portfolio management.

As a case study, Opera Solutions helped a major retail bank build predictive models that allowed them to maximize finance collections. Opera Solutions allowed the bank to categorize its customers based on their likelihood to pay. This enabled them to prioritize customers and as a result, the bank achieved a 95 percent increase in conversion rates. Opera Solutions’ AI models, built to tailor the needs of enterprises, allow companies to achieve faster ROI and improved decision making capabilities with refined data and superior analytics.