FactSet: Empowering Finance Professionals with Actionable Information

FactSet: Empowering Finance Professionals with Actionable Information

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Philip Snow, CEO, FactSetPhilip Snow, CEO
Finance companies seldom have access to data that provide reference to derive actionable insights. In instances where companies have sufficient data, they often gain minimal insights because of the data’s poor quality. FactSet is a company that provides user-friendly financial data and analytics software to analysts, investment bankers at large financial institutions, and portfolio managers. The company aims to improve productivity and performance of all the front and back office functions and improve user experience. It aims to bring enhanced processes in the areas of research, portfolio construction, trade execution, investment idea generation, risk management and reporting.

Having data integration at its heart, FactSet acquires, manages, and integrates data from over 850 independent data sources. Fueled by gargantuan volumes of data, FactSet provides round the clock assistance to its clients based on their immediate demands. It performs analytics using the same consolidated data sets for all stages throughout the investment lifecycle, ranging from stock selection to execution to reporting. FactSet’s clients have access to global service and product specialists through a support desk that is available through phone, email, and instant messaging. FactSet also provides live training sessions to help clients understand FactSet’s tools and services while providing access to educational libraries.

The company’s clients can track global markets and perform research on public and private companies to gain investment insights. FactSet enables this by providing clients with expansive company data that will assist them to make data-backed investment decisions. The clients can track performance of companies in real time.

FactSet’s Portfolio Analytics allows clients to find answers quickly and reduce the time spent on data management

They can also create their own charts to monitor relevant market data and this extensive coverage on companies presents information that aids investors in their decision making. Through company and market data followed by research information, clients receive a company’s credit strength and overall debt profile.

Aditionally, FactSet enables quantitative research through integrated tools that allow clients to convert and idea to into a complete project. The company provides insights into unique data, helps identify winning investment opportunities, translates a stock selection framework into an investable portfolio, builds an optional portfolio that harnesses the strength of that model, and examines and evaluates the strength and weakness of the product. FactSet’s Portfolio Analytics allows clients to find answers quickly and reduce the time spent on data management. In addition, FactSet leverages data from social media to enhance wealth management. Modern day investors share opinions and personal data on social platforms that when used strategically, enables firms to provide critical insights for clients to boost competitiveness and efficiency.

Backed by 40 years of experience and a drive to provide excellent customer service, FactSet has a global presence in 24 countries with 60 offices scattered across these nations. The company strives to create value for its clients with a proud 95 retention of asset managers who continue to use FactSet with each progressive year. A strong belief in the company’s talent leads the ‘FactSet Spirit’ to provide excellent client services. To push the boundaries of its capabilities, the company strongly believes in learning from its own successes and failures. FactSet also believes that its client’s success is its own success and this perception pushes the company to develop more efficient solutions.