eCapital Advisors: Empowering Organizations with Self- Service Analytics

eCapital Advisors: Empowering Organizations with Self- Service Analytics

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Lisa David, Partner, eCapital AdvisorsLisa David, Partner
"The fastest way to self-service and growth is through analytics,” says Lisa David, partner at eCapital Advisors. This holds true especially in today’s disruptive environments, as an accurate interpretation of data is paramount for making critical business decisions. eCapital Advisors, a data analytics solution provider, simplifies this process and empowers businesses to gather actionable insights.

The unique value proposition of eCapital Advisors lies in their enthusiasm for clients building a better relationship with their data. They assist organizations in mitigating challenges caused by disconnected legacy applications or inefficient processes and infrastructure, all which require corporate teams to spend much of their time gathering and reporting data instead of analyzing it to extract valuable insights. The firm allows clients to access a modern data hub that gathers data from different sources. eCapital develops an understanding of the clients’ specific business requirements and accordingly offers the right solution to deliver modern analytics. “We are passionate about the business aspect more than anything else. We focus on the areas that drive profit margin and pricing in these companies,” states Lisa. The firm also provides advisory services to help clients evaluate their analytics strategy and develop roadmaps.

The eCapital Advisors team brings significant experience from the consulting process methodology background and adopts a boutique approach to partner with clients and fulfill their needs in the best possible manner. “We have a business advisory team aligned well with our industry background. These professionals are an outstanding resource for the clients, enabling them to map their pain points with the right solutions,” says Lisa.

More importantly, the company’s offering is flexible and scalable to the changing needs of organizations. Such proficiency of eCapital Advisors reflects best through the success stories of clients the firm has worked with. One of the company’s clients—a multinational distribution and outsourcing company in North America—often struggled to make decisions with regard to acquiring organizations as they did not have the ability to visualize and understand the data that resided in the acquiring company’s ERP and general ledger systems. Additionally, due to unique terms and conditions of contracts with vendors, the client could not scrutinize the unstructured datasets. Consequently, the client could not analyze the pricing of products, rebate structure, and several other advantages of the acquisition deals to make informed business decisions. On implementing eCapital Advisors’ modern data hub, the client was able to make mergers and acquisition decisions using the obtained insights. Moreover, eCapital Advisors addressed various requirements such as modernizing the architecture of analytical strategies for allowing exploratory, self-service analytics and alternative data sources.

eCapital Advisors is expanding geographically across North America and dedicated to improving its offerings to meet the needs of their clients. This includes plans to developing industry-tailored solutions to assist its clients in demand planning, operations, strategic financial planning, and pricing.